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    AVGS is an abbreviation for Activation and Referral Voucher. What exactly is this? The employment agency or job center creates this voucher, which the participants can use at a certified educational institution such as the M.O.D.U.L. Bildungs GmbH. The aim of the activation and placement voucher MAT is to support job seekers or people threatened by unemployment in eliminating knowledge deficits and integrating them into the labor market. However, this does not exclude active employees from the opportunity for further training via this voucher. ​ Who will receive an activation and referral voucher? An activation and placement voucher is a great way to establish yourself on the job market or to consolidate or even expand your position on it. But who is entitled to a voucher? According to the legislator, people have the right to such a voucher who meet the following criteria:- At least 6 weeks of unemployment with ALG I - At discretion: Unemployment with ALG II - at discretion: people returning to work, those looking to increase their employment, those looking for training, university graduates and people at risk of unemployment Have you already received an activation and placement voucher (AVGS-MAT)? Then you can start right away. Simply send us the activation and placement voucher by e-mail (as a scan or photo) to and we will get back to you promptly with a suitable coaching offer tailored to your needs. With an activation and placement voucher, our adult education services are free of charge or are fully funded by the employment agency or the job center. If you do not yet have an activation and placement voucher and are interested in our services, you should contact us now to receive a free and individual needs analysis and to check the possibilities for an AVGS-MAT or, if necessary, alternative funding for you.
  • How does the coaching work?
    The coach selected by us will contact you directly and you will arrange appointments with your coach at regular intervals depending on your time capacity.
  • What does coaching mean?
    The term coaching comes from the English word "to coach" (supervise, train) and describes a variety of consulting concepts for the development and implementation of personal or professional goals. Individual possibilities and ways to achieve the goals you have set yourself are shown.
  • Is it possible to change the coach?
    If you don't get along with your coach and you don't get on well together, you can change coaches. However, we try to enable the most suitable matching possible in advance by means of a personal initial discussion with you.
  • How much does the coaching cost me?
    Our coaching is free of charge if you have received an activation and placement voucher (AVGS MAT) from the job center or employment agency. If you need help with the application, we will be happy to advise you.
  • What is an activation and placement voucher MAT?
    An activation and placement voucher (AVGS) entitles you to take advantage of coaching without incurring any costs for you. The costs for this are borne by the job center/employment agency. The application is made via the respective consultant.
  • I don't speak German very well yet, can I still take part in a coaching session?
    If you would prefer to hold your coaching in German, we will check during the first meeting whether your language level is sufficient for coaching. Since language plays an important role in coaching, we offer our coaching in various languages so that we can also offer you coaching in your native language. Our coaching is offered in German, English, Persian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Will I get a job after the coaching?
    In the coaching, your strengths and weaknesses are worked out and it is determined in which sectors you have gained professional experience. Accordingly, it is decided WHERE, HOW and WHEN you can enter into an employment relationship
  • How long does the coaching last?
    Depending on what the voucher says. The duration depends on the situation or its topic.
  • How can I get a new job?
    We offer you a large number of jobs, we help you through individual coaching to find a suitable job, a job in the area and industry that you determine or choose yourself, so that you don't always change it and of course under Taking your place of residence into account so that you don't have to be on the road for too long and that's the difference between us and the placement suggestions from the job center, which don't take that into account at all, because work has to be fun.
  • How do I get the coaching? How do I get an AVGS MAT?
    In principle, you will receive the coaching/AVGS-MAT from your placement officer at the Employment Agency/Jobcenter. Of course, we won't leave you alone, because our employees will be happy to support you in this process if necessary.
  • Who is the coaching suitable for?
    First the best: For everyone! Due to the modular structure of our coaching and the wide-ranging skills of our coaches, our coaching is suitable for those just starting their careers as well as for specialists and academics.
  • Why should I go to coaching?
    The individual coaching gives you new perspectives and clarity and helps you to make decisions, prioritize and develop strategies related to issues for which we initially do not see a solution. And finally, it motivates you to implement desired changes in a well-planned manner.
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